Ramblers 1 – Nameless 0

Imperial Ground, 4th April 2004


Team:  Turner, A Sheehan, P Sheehan, Stiddard, Tufton, House (1), Shewring, King, Allan (sub: Canning), Shearman, Sykes

Sub: Nichols


The Ramblers came to this game buoyed up by a good result in their last fixture, and seemed confident that this time the Nameless youngsters would be sent home to finish their weekend homework chastened by a lesson from their elders.


However with various absentees; Wilcox, (Liverpool) Snook (Tokyo) and Howard (Old Market) and conditions less than perfect, the Ramblers struggled to find any form. The pitch was bumpy, and sloped alarmingly from side to side, in a swirling wind that favoured no one little football was played. The first half came and went without any real incident. Nick Shearman diverted a goal bound header from Tony Allan wide of the net, but otherwise there was little to get this spectator to reach for the pen and pencil. In goal, Turner had little to do, and the defence was well marshalled once again by Tufton who sported a huge comedy spot on then end of his nose.


In the second half, Shearman had a great chance to put the Ramblers ahead but shot weakly with only the keeper to beat. Gradually the Ramblers appeared to take charge of the game, but seldom looked like turning this advantage into goals. Canning replaced Allan, who scarcely had time to settle on the line before being called upon to replace Stiddard who was injured with a bad side, (as well as playing for one).


Nobby Nowland was the referee, and with fifteen minutes to go, he spotted a “foot up” in the penalty area. The Ramblers were awarded the free kick, and Tufton rolled the ball to Dave House who drilled the ball past/through the wall for what was to be the only goal of the game.


Man of the Match,  G Tufton, who despite having a huge throbbing sack of pus on  his nose, gave an accomplished performance, and gave confidence to the other defenders. As the Ramblers headed for a victory drink in the bar, Gavin was breaking out the celebration Clearasil.