Ramblers 7 – Glenferry Casuals 8

12th October 2003


Team:  Turner, A Sheehan, Nichols, Stiddard, Babbington, House (2), King, Snook (1) , Shewring, P Wilcox (3), Allan.
Subs:  P Sheehan, Sykes (1), Canning.


Back home and on our favourite ground at Axa Sun Life, with a full squad, it looked like being a good day for the Ramblers, but no one could have predicted the bizarre goal feast that was to come. Unfortunately the opposition helped themselves to one more at this feast than we did.  Pete would like it to be known that we kept a clean sheet for the first 15 minutes that he was on before making way for Phil Sheehan to take up his normal position at left back, but after that the goals came thick and fast at both ends.


Glenferry started the scoring (0-1), but we soon equalised from a perfectly placed free kick taken by Dave that went in off the post (1-1).  It wasn’t long before Glenferry regained the lead (1-2), but again we soon drew level with a long range effort by Duncan that flew into the top corner (2-2). Not even David Seaman could have kept that one out, in fact he certainly wouldn’t have, but their goalkeeper was not having a bad game saving several efforts, including a header by Tony that was destined for the same spot in the top corner of the goal, which he tipped over.  Ramblers took the lead for the only time in the match when Paul expertly guided a through ball past the keeper (3-2).


Glenferry were not the friendliest team we have ever played and there were a few nasty challenges from the start, but Nobby, resplendent in his black City shirt as referee did his best to keep the peace and calmed things down until Redland’s bad boy returned to his old ways to heat it up again.  Having been warned that their substitute was “a bit of an animal”, Tony decided to test this out by playing through him for a loose ball, getting the expected reaction, so a bit of “handbags” ensued.  A bit later, Tony, having been hacked from behind by another of their defenders, responded by going in on him a bit heavily and once again the handbags came out.  Unfortunately in between silliness Glenferry scored a couple more goals (3-3) (3-4), so we went in behind at half time.  Perhaps to avoid any further carnage, Tony was replaced at half time by peace-loving Rob.


In the second half we fell further behind (3-5), but Paul kept us within catching-up distance, when after being fed on the edge of the area by Duncan after a strong surge through the middle, he beat a defender and curled a shot into the bottom corner (4-5).  Glenferry soon restored the two goal deficit.  They had a couple of midfield players who clearly knew what they were doing and when one of them received the ball in the box he cheekily dinked a little lob over Brian (4-6).  Most of the damage was being done by these two, who were frequently providing the passes for a young, fast striker, who scored most of the Glenferry goals and we fell further behind (4-7).


At last the long drought came to an end and Rob got back on the score sheet, scoring a typical Sykes goal, knocking one in from short range (5-7).  No longer surprisingly in this game we conceded yet another (5-8), but this proved to be their last and although there was quite a mountain to climb, with not much time left we gained the ascendancy as their defence tired and we started to run through them at will.  Among other chances Jim had a sweet shot that just dipped over the bar, Rob missed a sitter when Marcus (who had come on for Nick Shewring) pulled one back to him from the by-line, Dave blasted a volley wide at the far post, but then Dave, having moved to the left cut inside a fired in a cracking low shot from 25 yards (6-8) and Paul scored again to bring us within one goal difference (7-8).  Finally, when it seemed there really couldn’t be any time left we were awarded a corner and in a last, desperate hope there were calls for Brian to come up and join the attack.  But there wasn’t that long left and finally Nobby found his whistle to bring an eventful match to an end.