Coveted Yellow Jacket

The Coveted Yellow Jacket (CYJ) is a garment steeped in Ramblers History.
It is awarded each year on tour to a club member for various reasons, and is competed for in many varied events.
It is the very pinnacle of Ramblers achievement to be honoured with the CYJ (probably) and great lengths will be gone to claim it for the year.



 Way back in 1990 Steve Barton (brother of Rammer) had been awarded young player
of the year at Blackheath Rugby club, the dress code for the presentation dinner was to
be was jacket and tie. So Steve popped off to Moss Bros in search of a jacket that
would fit the occasion. There was a sale on, and jackets were available with 20
percent off, however, the one advertised  as a “Mustard evening jacket for the
discerning gentleman” had a whopping 50 percent off. Ignoring the fact that it was at
least one size too big for him, as indeed has been the case for every Rambler awarded
the jacket ever since, Steve snapped it up and wore it to the awards dinner.

Sadly, the jacket was not as well received as he had hoped, and as is the customs in
male society when one member wears something different from the rest, he was
questioned seriously regarding his choice. He was however persuaded to take the jacket
on rugby tour the following week, where his peers demanded that for their pleasure he
should wear it every day.


Steve later visited both Australia and New Zealand and took the jacket with him in a
rucksack,  he wore it during at least two job interviews in NZ and actually got accepted
for one whilst wearing it. Style it seems in a key to universal success. During this time
Steve was working in the fitness business and as part of the Auckland rugby scene
Steve (and the jacket) became friends with amongst others, two aspiring rugby players
Zinzan Brooke and Grant Fox who both went on to become famous playing for the
All Blacks, Zinny commenting on the jacket said “how the f**k did ya get the f**king
job wearing that mate ?” (which just goes to show how spiteful some people can be
when they do not know how to control their envy)

Steve returned to the UK and with Zinnys words echoing in his ears the jacket was out
of favour, and consigned to the wardrobe where it very quietly hung there unloved
while years passed. In the outside world fashion came and went, but the
yellow jacket remained with no apparent future, it seemed destined for a trip to the
charity shop, or perhaps even the recycling centre. It was a sad situation.


Steve eventually got around to clearing out his wardrobe and amongst various items
offered to Rammer, was the mustard gentleman’s jacket. Rammer was rather taken with
it and thought it looked good, however his wife Louise saw things differently and said
that Rammer should not wear it, ever. These proved to be prophetic words indeed,
Rammer of course has never worn the jacket. He did bring it with him on his very first
Ramblers where he decided to offer it as an iconic jacket to be competed for on future
weekends away. The tradition was started.


Below are listed the winners of each CYJ click on the boxes to see each entry.

1998 - Rob Sykes



The Island Hopping Tour.
Sykes was the first winner of the CYJ, we are not exactly sure why he won it, there must have been some sort of event involved, possibly golf, it was certainly not awarded for time keeping.

1999 - Mike Millard



The Hard Tour 
As far as we can remember Mike had a good tour but was probably awarded the jacket for his efforts on the bowling green and in the singing department. Mike managed to rework the tune of Yesterday by the Beatles to include various types of sexually transmitted diseases, all very unpleasant but quite funny.


2000 - Paul Wilcox



The Bournemouth Bonding Destruct Dorset Tour
Paul scored top spot in the Crazy Golf, he also did well in the pitch and putt golf, and got first place in the Go Karting, the jacket seemed a bit roomy for the little fellow, perhaps he will grow into it. Unfortunately no photo is available, so here’s a close up of him in that silly hat (you are welcome), Sorry Paul.



2001 - Mick Kershaw



The Sex, Drugs, & Rock & Roll Tour,
For the first time ever the Ramblers took the bold step of going into Europe, Mick
Kershaw on his one and only tour took the jacket on the basis of a Go Karting
and a vote for top tourer.



2002 - Tony Allan



The Manana Mystery Tour
The jacket was won by Tony for his linguistic skills, and his recklessdriving on the Go-Kart track, Tony is not quite so much of an eco warrior or so light on the gas pedal when a jacket is up for grabs.

2003 - Duncan Snooch


2003 PORTUGAL TAVIRA.  The Faroway Tour
Ask any Rambler about Duncan Snook on this tour and the abiding memory was beach
volleyball, and those dreadful underpants. Oh, and barging in to the wrong room and frightening an unsuspecting elderly Spanish couple. Surely he did not win the jacket for that!

How did he get it? Duncan makes the first alteration to the jacket and adds the letters RR above the breast pocket

2004 - Nobby Nowland

2004 FRANCE. NICE. The Nice And Camp Tour             2004Nobby
On our free and easy unstructured tour (that was a mistake) there were not quite so many events as we could not muster everyone in the same place at the same time.
Nobby surprised us all with his pretty impressive command of the French language.

The words were remembered, the grammar was good, even the pronunciation was fine, however the use of tact when dealing with the French was appalling as usual.

2005 - Geoff King


2005 SPAIN BARCELONA  the Ramblers de la Rambla Tour          Geoff King
Geoff took the jacket in Barcelona based largely on his sterling captain’s performance in our two games against the local opposition.

This was despite having what might be politely called an upset stomach, which eventually confined him to spend most of his tour either in bed, or on the toilet.

Take a good look at Geoff in the jacket here, he hardly ever wore it again. Shameful.







We now reach a new milestone in the awarding of the CYJ. Up until now it has sometimes been a single or at the most a two event award. From this point on, and with competition for the jacket becoming more and more serious, we see the introduction of
multiple individual and sometimes group events,with as many as twenty disciplines before the CYJ is won It is a marathon test, of skill, sportsmanship, ingenuity, and cunning.

2006 - Phil Sheehan



The Monster Tour
In the first multiple games competition, Phil wins through about 16 events and poses in the jacket with not only a Scottish hat, but apparently some authentic Celtic ginger hair, one for the oldies.

Phil replaces the RR letters with a club badge


2007 - Andy Sheehan


2007 ITALY, CERVINARA AND ROME The Italian Job         
The Sheehans strike again, Andy retains the jacket for the family, but wonders if it will clash with any of his other clothes. That’s the problem with being a fashion icon, you never know what to wear, and Andy never does.




2008 - Ken Howard



The Carry on Up the Algarve Tour 
youth versus age was no contest, Ken swept all before him, and even after a late night drinking session that would have poisoned most Ramblers, Ken revived enough to excel at an early morning five a side game, and pick up lots of other points along the way.
Who would forget his ‘two truths and a lie”


2009 - Ken Howard


2009 ITALY POMARANCE  The Renaissance Tour
It’s that man again, Ken the cheeky chappie becomes the first ever person to win twice. In a hard fought battle, Ken triumphed despite spending most of the time drunk, falling into ditches and vomiting, what a guy !


2010 - Andy Caines

2010Andy2010 SPAIN COMPETA

The Adventure in Andalucia.
Fewer Ramblers on show this year, just nine, and only one with a pink furry cowboy
hat, it was no wonder that he got a kiss on tour. Crispy gained points all round and top driving. Finally the jacket fitted someone.




2011 - Rob Colledge


The Solidarity Tour                             
Rob got points on everything and his man of the match in our game in Krakow was the
decider. He got the medal, he got the jacket, he even got the bear on the way home.
“What’s Rob got ?

He’s got the lot”



2012 Pete Nichols


The Wurst Is Yet To Come Tour

So many tours, so many near misses, who would have thought that an old timer could still overcome the considerable opposition and take the jacket at 62 !

He was very proud, and vowed that the jacket will be on show during the year as much as possible, and it was. Further alterations to the jacket followed with a new badge to the pocket.




2013 - Simon Collins

2013 ITALY POMARANCE The Il Palio tour                              2013
What a winner! Si vowed to wear it as much as possible, and he did, during his travels that year.

The coat went to Cambodia, Argentina, America, Brazil, Slovakia, Poland, Australia, and picked up flags along the way. The jacket was heavily embellished as shown in the picture above.


2014 - Jim Babbington


The Czech Mate Tour2014Jim
Jambo finally gets the CYJ after so many near misses, but pushed all the way by Crispy and Smokey.

Big points in the Karting, can he pimp the jacket and add some style?.